HPI;This refers to a car, motorbike, van or any other motorized vehicle registered in the UK that has had an HPI Check and showed no adverse data recorded against it. It is the ultimate seal of approval and offers complete peace of mind when buying a second-hand car.


Hire Purchase Investigation

The service is called a HPI Check because the company HPI (Hire Purchase Investigation) was one of the first to provide vehicle checks for car buyers. Although originally it only checked for outstanding finance, it now covers insurance write-off, mileage and more.

What happened to Hire Purchase Investigation?

In 2019, the Hire Purchase Investigation Racing brand changed ownership and the major shareholders are now the Scandinavian based Vestergaard Group.

How do you get a free Hire Purchase Investigation check on a car?

There’s no such thing as a Free Hire Purchase Investigation Check so be extremely cautious of any services that claim to provide an HPI Check Free. A ‘Free HPI Check’ is not genuine and will not provide you with the information needed to keep you protected from car scams and motor fraud.

How do I check HPI clear text?

To get a full HPI Check, text the vehicle’s registration number to 78777. You’ll receive your report straight to your mobile instantly. Check a car, bike or van. We’ll tell you if the vehicle has Outstanding Finance, is recorded as Stolen, has a mileage discrepancy or has previously been Written Off.

Is HPI back in business?

HPI has remained an all-exclusive company based outside of United states. Same for Rovan, king motors and so on. Those companies are not going anywhere.

Can you still buy Hire Purchase Investigation parts?

However, all products have a life cycle and at some stage will be discontinued. So, whilst Hire Purchase Investigation products are available via our exclusive distribution network in 1000’s of stores and websites across the world – it’s inevitable that not all parts will be available in all regions all the time.

Is HPI a maverick?

Maverick RC is HPI’s entry-level brand which has been available in Europe for many years, and now it’s got its own website – right here on Hire Purchase Investigation Racing.com!

One of the most exciting racers in Asia and now competing all over the world, JJ Wang, a teenager with the will to win and the skills to match. The Chinese National Champion in 1/10th and 1/8th nitro on-road classes, JJ races the HB TCXX as well and represents HB / Hire Purchase Investigation with a goal to become a World Champion one day!

Who took over HPI?

It has been over a year since HPI was purchased by a company called Ripmax, but since then, no further information has been provided. In recent years, Hire Purchase Investigation Racing, or “Hobby Products International,” has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.