HOW TO USE AIRMORE:AirMore app is a free mobile app to connect Android and iOS devices to wireless hard disk via WiFi. It can transfer various types of files between phone and disk, including pictures, videos, music, documents, apps and more.

AirMore  Technology is a handy app to transfer files between mobile devices and PC wirelessly, supporting both Android and iOS.

AirMore  Technology is a powerful and mature mobile devices management tool based on web. With this handy tool, you can connect your Android devices to PC (Mac & Windows) without using network and USB cable, and then manage nearly all files of Android on PC. Now, let’s see how to use this amazing connection method.

Procedure on how to connect  Technology

  1. Search this tool on Google Play store or click this button below to download it on your Android.
  2. Run it and click “Hotspot” to build a Hotspot with your phone.
  3. Connect your PC to the Hotspot and then enter the IP address in the PC browser (Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox or Safari).
  4. Once connected, your Android information will show up on PC browser. It means that you’ve connected Android to PC without using USB cable and network. And you can manage all your mobile files on browser, such as photos, videos, music, documents, apps, contacts, messages and so on. In addition, it also allows you to mirror Android screen to PC.

The Hotspot doesn’t need your mobile network. If you close your phone network, the Hotspot also works very well.

advantages of  using  airmore Technology  in Transferring files from phone to pc

  • ability to transfer files wirelessly without the use of usb cables.
  • free to use and needs not to be installed on your computer.
  • very user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • it comes with versatile functions such as fast data transfer, management, etc.